Pregnancy Problem

Pregnancy Problem

For most couples, the progeny issue is a major concern. Numerous cases show that even though people have maximum physical health and a full range of childbearing abilities, they fail to have children, which is necessary in a family. Moreover, some couples spend a lot of money on treatment for bearing children, which sometimes go in vain. The lack of child in the family also causes stress in the mind of the couple. Due to social expectations and a belief that portrays women as unable to bear the child or incomplete, women often suffer from depression. The astrology of pregnancy by birth date indicates that many progeny problems affect couples and make them depressed over time. In the horoscope, the ninth house represents birth of a child. Vedic astrology progeny prediction by Grahan Dosha interference creates difficulties for the couple and they face many problems. If the progeny problem in the horoscope is caused by malefic planets, then there would be problems with children.

To find out whether they are having trouble bearing children and finding proper solutions, such couples should turn to occult sciences and practices like astrology. Couples facing reproductive issues and childbirth problems can find solutions to these issues through the powerful sciences of Astrology. This can be accomplished by studying both the horoscopes of the husband and wife. Our Astrologer conducts a thorough analysis and recommends good solutions for the couple based on the progeny prospects analysis.


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