It is part of Vedic Astrology and called Hasta Samudrika Shastra. An individual can better reflect on his or her life if palm reading is conducted from a Vedic perspective. According to traditional beliefs, success in implementing this practice will determine one's luck. In Vedic astrology, palmistry is an integral component of conducting studies on various aspects of someone's life It is the hands that determine the shapes of our lives, which help form the uniqueness of each of us. In addition, several planets are reconstructed in different regions of your palm.

An individual who observes the signs formed on them can gain knowledge about his turbulent and prosperous times. In most cases, an individual's palm shows a life line, heart line, mind line, fate line, and marriage line. These lines provide information about the fields they correspond with. One can discover the health status of an individual by evaluating the health line present on their palm. Additionally, palmistry can also reveal what physical discomforts and ailments may occur to him/her. Through analyzing the lines associated with various aspects of marriage, fate, the heart, life, and mind, it is also possible to produce similar information. Certain human beings, however, do not have these lines.because they do not possess this genetic characteristic. Therefore, a person's hand is quite an important aspect that can reveal intricate details about his or her life.


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