Numerology assumes you can better understand yourself, your talents, virtues, and your limitations, based on the information derived from your date of birth. It is the theory that the universe is a system and once broken down, the basic elements are numbers. Thus, these numbers provide us with a way to better understand the world around us and ourselves as individuals.

There are different meanings associated with every number in numerology. The whole concept of numerology goes beyond just counting numbers, rather it is the combination of numbers that show the hidden characteristics of a person, based on their date of birth. Numbers are used in numerology to determine a person's future potential based on their name and birthday.

It is crucial for a person's fortune that their name and date of birth are compatible. Three numbers are used to calculate the numerology of the individual. Three psychic numbers: the destiny number, name number, and psychic number. To create a great chart of numerology, all of these factors must be in harmony.


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