Name Analysis

Name Analysis

The wish of every parent is that their baby would be blessed with a lucky name that would bring them joy and success. In this case, astrology would come in handy in helping the person to decide on the name of the baby that would suit both his/her personality and bring success. The right mix of astrology and numerology is important when naming a baby. A person's name is an important part of his/her identity. The use of a good name is advantageous to everyone and it brings in positive luck to the person and also makes their life successful, whilst the use of a bad name can ruin their entire existence.

Many people choose their baby's name without proper analysis or take any name they wish, and keep it forever. Having a name that does not reflect your true identity can spell disaster in your life and is not acceptable as it can impact you a lot. It is therefore important that one always use a proper name based on horoscope. To ensure that the baby's future is bright and happy, it is crucial that you use astrology and numerology when deciding the name.


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