Marriage problem

Marriage problem

A marriage is a lifelong journey that depends on love and trust, and it is always better to tie the knot at the right time. Despite our best efforts, marriage remains a distant dream for many in our society. Majority of us wish to get married sooner or later. Some get married younger while others marry later in life.

Some are lucky enough to marry the person of their dreams but face a few problems before or after marriage. Generally there are a number of problems relating to lack of understanding between couples like financial problem, family issues etc. Some partners are not ready for marriage because of factors like career issues, lack of stability and family intervention leading to divorce after marriage. Distance increases between partners due to misunderstanding or problems like monetary issues etc. There are multiple causes of divorce due to bitterness between husband and wife, problems with in-laws and lack of chemistry between the pair. In most of these instances, the case might be because of delayed marriage or problems in love life. It is always better to prevent these mishaps earlier in life.

Thus, solutions for such problems require astrological consultation, which is one of the best way to resolve them. Vedic astrology has several solutions that the astrologer may prescribe in case of problems like delayed marriage or problems in love and marriage. The consultation with an astrologer for marriage begins with an assessment of the birth chart of the future bride and the groom. If a problem is detected in their charts, an astrologer provides remedial measures to counter the same. They provide sound relationship advice and offer solutions to marriage problems and in case of broken marriages, can assist you in getting your partner back in the marriage. As a result, married life becomes sweeter. Relationships are rather sensitive nowadays and have to be handled carefully.


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