Kundali analysis

Kundali analysis

In Vedic astrology, the Janam Kundali, or birth chart, is highly significant. A Janam Kundli is a life blueprint, an analysis of an individual that predicts all of the possibilities in his/her life. This includes opportunities, challenges, strengths, family, marriage, career, love, money and everything else in the person’s life. A birth chart, also known as a Janam Kundli, is created by using the exact date, month, and place of the native's birth.

The Janam Kundali information enables one to keep track of the planetary transits over time, day, month and year. Your Janam Kundali depicts all the events and opportunities depending on the planets. So, an astrologer can determine the future of a person based on his/her Janam kundli and planetary positions. This can be accomplished through the use of Vedic Astrology. Contact us to know more about our Janam kundli consultation services.


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