Black Magic

Black Magic

According to vedic astrology, black magic is referred to as "Abhichar" and can be predicted by looking at a birth chart as well as confirmed by a planet that is afflicted by that period.

The most common combination is moon and Saturn together, especially in the 6th house or the 8th house. It makes the person vulnerable to mental or emotional weakness in his or her 6th or 8th house of the moon and Saturn. People with weak auras and energies are easy targets for black magic.
Apart from it any eclipse formed by ‘rahu’ or ‘ketu’ with sun and moon can make a person vulnerable to black magic in that particular planetary condition. In that particular dasha, almost everyone will be attracted towards negative energies unless they nourish their soul with mantras, meditation, healing, and other spiritual practices. Therefore, if you, your relatives, or your friends are suffering from constant problems and seeking help, then our astrologers are here to help you.

Your career, love life, marital/relationship, divorce, education, and other things can be resolved through the best astrologers.


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